Life Safety Plans

With the recent CMS adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code, having your life safety assets and life safety plans in good order has never been more important. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) are holding Facility Directors accountable for knowing the status of their life safety assets, the status and resolution of Plans for Improvement (PFI’s), and the adequate documentation of both. These are all part of a facility’s Life Safety Statement of Conditions.

Our Life Safety Compliance Solutions division offers original and updated Life Safety Prints, Life Safety Surveys to assess the status of a client’s life safety preparedness, and the preparation of a well-formed Statement of Conditions (SOC) required by code. Life Safety Surveys include the assessment of everything from fire-rated construction (above the ceiling), exit signage, emergency lighting, all fire/smoke doors, sprinkler protection, fire alarm systems, and any other life safety assets subject to AHJ surveys. Confusing, conflicting, or incomplete drawings are a scorable item during accreditation surveys. Our expert knowledge of the Life Safety Codes assists clients with establishing a baseline for measuring Life Safety compliance progress, as well as offers the opportunity for educating facility personnel on the key code sections and requirements that can make the difference toward a positive outcome during an AHJ survey.