Fire Door Solutions, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, is excited to announce its newest integrated service offering to the broad healthcare industry, Facilities Management Solutions.  Healthcare providers in all segments are suffering from the graying of their Directors of Facility Management (DFM’s) and their imminent retirement with no adequate bench of talent to assume the significant responsibilities and leadership positions.

More than ever before, hospitals (acute care and rehabilitation), urgent care centers, specialty surgery centers, nursing homes, and assisted living centers are burdened with balancing limited resources between clinical care and related improved patient outcomes and deferred facility maintenance and life safety compliance needs; neither of which can fail or diminish.  Facilities Management Solutions was created to take the worry out of and to mitigate the risk of facilities management and life safety compliance in each of these healthcare market segments served. 

The promise of Facilities Management Solutions to be cost-effective and efficient is born from the advantage of placing a well-credentialed DFM on site, supported by arguably the nation’s best bench of facility director experts, and governed by a shared-savings model based upon agreed-upon client benchmarks/baselines.  All of this is paired with Life Safety Compliance Solutions’ expertise in Environment of Care Assessments, the industry’s best Life Safety Plans, the integration of Emergency Preparedness with facility management policies and procedures, and Fire Door Solutions’ core expertise in fire door, fire damper, and fire-stop compliance, among other life safety areas of exposure.

The Facilities Management Solutions partnership is rounded out with the industry’s most robust and fully integrated software solution for all things facility maintenance and life safety including scheduled PM’s, automatic ILSM notifications, complete vendor certification, and ICRA/PCRA compliance; all fully integrated to either a client’s or its own CMMS.  This solution ensures nothing falls through the cracks and that the loop is always closed.  This delivers peace of mind and confidence to healthcare industry C-suite executives. Their facilities are always survey-ready and they are optimizing the return on investment in facilities maintenance and life safety compliance.

For more information about Facilities Management Solutions and the new integrated service offering from Fire Door Solutions, please visit, call (855) 714-3473