Healthcare administrators are challenged more than ever with the constant changes in healthcare facilities regulations, financial pressures to achieve higher margins, CMS requirements to improve clinical quality and exceed patient satisfaction scores. Resource limitations in most healthcare facilities make balancing risks and outcomes difficult, but the only viable solution.  Facilities Management Solutions (FMS) is an essential partner in ensuring that maintenance teams and facilities are functioning at optimum levels and regulatory compliance risks are minimized.

Many hospitals are experiencing senior facility managers retiring and successor facility managers ill-prepared to step into the facility leadership role due to either a lack of broad technical competency, a lack of leadership acumen, or both.  FMS will place an experienced and well-credentialed Director of Facilities Management (DFM) on-site to lead your existing team and will make the necessary changes to ensure optimum performance of your facility assets.  Our roster of facility management leaders serves as direct support for each DFM in order to drive continuous improvement in operations and finance.

Healthcare Markets We Serve:
Acute, Rehabilitation, Behavioral and Specialty Hospitals, Outpatient Care Facilities, Long Term Acute Care Facilities